How To Get Real Facebook Followers

Facebook is largest the social networking site and provide free marketing of your business just by opening a Facebook page. Aside from marketing, you can update about any events or sale depending on the type of business you own. Facebook users who likes your page are called Followers. They will receive notification about the updates on your page.

Now, to promote your business on a large scale, you need to attract more and more followers to your page. The more people likes your page, the more followers you have, the more and more your business is going to get promoted. Now, there are plenty of ways to attract more and more followers to your page. Below, I’m going to list up some of the ways of attracting followers to your page.

  • Detailing- Provide in details all the information that’s needed on your Facebook page. Like the type of business you are running, the advantages of following you, your business address, your business contact number and a link to your business website. This will grow trust in your users.
  • Personal profile-  If you are popular on Facebook and have a great number of friends than it’s the best way to promote your page. Share it through your wall and invite (there’s an option called “invite friends”) your friends to follow your page as well as promote it on their timeline too. The more people will follow, the more it will attract. Basic mathematics, multiplication doesn’t apply on 0.
  • Attractive content- Post informative and engaging updates on your Facebook page. Write in a detailed and fun way to engage users to read it. If they like your content, they will share and it will attract some more customers to your page.
  • Pictures- Aside from a good content, update some pictures of your business product on your page and try to describe it. Users will always halt if they see a good quality picture along with some good content.


  • Videos- Sometimes a little insight of your business won’t harm your users. Give a little tour of your business site or store, that depends on the kind of business you are running.
  • Link- Link it to your website, twitter, Instagram, linkedin and every other websites or social networking sites where you have promoted your business. Almost every person who knows how to browse internet knows how to use Facebook. So, linking your business Facebook page with other websites will help you promote your page.
  • Promote- If you have some old customers with whom you communicate orally or via e-mails, ask them to like your page to get regular updates on your products and events related to your business.

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